15th Dec

4 things you can do RIGHT NOW to help the people of Aleppo.

Via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/syriafreedom/12340780155/in/photolist-aGe9AF-aGejui-jNwEmc-jNy8TW-aGe5xH-jNwCYT-jNybpN-cKqYRw-aGe71P-jNwDJv-cW27gw-jNvR4i-cKqYWC-jNy5wL-jNy4cm-jNwwFn-4gCtPN-jNy1xd-jNy25f-LU8c6-jNwAr8-LU8bD-jNvHZD-jNvJzg-DFMpGS-E4h7Dt-zrCe9f-zrCefh-PUyi2z-G9hwum-GTZXXx/

15.12.2016 #SaveAleppo: You feel devastated by the situation in Syria. The information that comes out of Aleppo is blurry but you feel like red lines have been overstepped. Yet again. You want medical help and attention as well as international relief to be let trough and evacuation corridors established? You want your government to act and not stand there doing close to nothing? Here’s what you can do now:

1. Written Protest Governments & Embassies

Write to your government and especially your foreign ministry.
For Luxembourg:
Call the Foreign Ministry in Luxembourg
Ask to condemn the attack on civilians, ask for humanitarian corridors and more relief.
Call them: (+352) 247-82300

Call the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg
Ask for an immediate cease-fire followed by withdrawal of both Russian Airforce and Artillery Forces. Call now: (+352) 422 333

Contact the Syrian and Iranian Embassy in Brussels, responsible for Luxembourg
Syrian Embassy, Brussels

Iranian Islamic Republic Embassy, Brussels  
Ask for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of fighting force.

2. Contact members of Parliament.

Contact Luxembourg Members of Parliament to act. Let them know that you don’t support inaction.
Use mail, Twitter or email to contact them. Find a full list here.

Email adresses feature the deputy’s first name’s first letter and the surname.
Example. Jane Doe jdoe@chd.lu

3. Donate
Donations are the backbone of NGO and relief work
Support the effort on the ground in Aleppo and Syria

Red Cross and Red Crescent 

White Helmets

Kesh Malek – “The Activists Hype”

4. Volunteer, Help Donate to organisations active in refugee relief
In Luxembourg: Catch a Smile asbl
www.catchasmile.org (Next pick up of material Dec. 19th)

Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg
Croix Rouge Luxembourg
Caritas Luxembourg
Handicap International LU

Onkraut 2016 / PS
Photo: Photo: People walk on rubble of collapsed buildings at a site hit by what activists said was barrel bombs dropped by government forces in Aleppo’s Dahret Awwad neighborhood January 29, 2014. via Flickr.com CC BY 2.0 http://bit.ly/2h4fzEl

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